Specialized Helicopter Leasing

Aeronautical Financial Ireland is a company that encompasses a range of subsidiary companies, each specializing in leasing specific types or brands of helicopters. Our portfolio includes companies such as Rotor, RotorXM, RotorAV, RotorTX, and RotorCA. Each of these companies focuses on providing helicopter leasing services tailored to specific geographic locations and involving the collaboration of relevant financial organizations.

Pay by the Hour (PBH) Services

Aeronautical Financial Ireland also offers an innovative service known as "Pay by the Hour" (PBH). This service is designed to meet the unique needs of our clients, considering the type of helicopter required and the location of the operation. Our PBH service is supported by renowned firms like Global Component Support and Heli Rotor, among others, ensuring a comprehensive and reliable solution for our clients.

Mission Statement

By applying our financial expertise and knowledge of operations to your unique situation – our mission is to understand your needs and find the best leasing solution for you. 
Call us today to discuss your needs and get your tailored leasing solution.
The team went outside the limits to meet Heligo’s requirements, we are looking forward for a long-term association.
Nikesh Goswami
CCO, Heligo Charters Pvt Ltd.
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